Top Notch WordPress Dev ISO Rad Agency for NSA LTR

ME: I’m a WordPress developer here in Portland looking to find a great local agency to collaborate with. I have been making websites since the 90’s and working with WordPress since v1.0. I love to code, solve problems, and am very self motivated. I have lots of agency experience, and am flexible to work within whatever creative/production process you prefer. I also like managing WordPress sites for clients post-launch.

YOU: You’re a cool agency with interesting web projects. Maybe you do a variety of types of work, but don’t have enough web work to justify an in-house web developer’s salary. Your designers are talented, and they know how to design for web. You are familiar with WordPress or curious about it.

US: I’m not looking for full time employment, but instead contract work with the right agency. Ideally you’ll send me a WordPress project, we agree on either a flat rate or hourly rate for the project, and I work on it here from my office within the time frame we agree on.

Do we sound like a potential match? Would you like to meet for coffee?