WordPress Maintenance Plan

Dapper Digital can also maintain your WordPress website.

Here’s what is included

  • WordPress core code and security updates/upgrades. We follow the release cycle and update your website when we feel the code is stable.
  • Plugin upgrades and replacements if outdated/no longer working. Often plugins are abandoned by their developers and stop working after a few WP core updates. We will find a replacement with similar functionality at no cost.
  • Theme updates and code maintenance. Themes need to be updated to work with newer versions of WordPress and PHP. We’ll handle this for you!
  • Security monitoring and protection. We get a text message if your website is not responding.
  • On call support for your website. You can call us at any time if your website goes down.
  • WordPress tech support. We are more than happy to explain how to add pages, edit menus etc.
  • Full site backups.


We can also host your website for you, and offer unlimited bandwidth at no additional cost.

What’s not included

  • New features or functionality to your website (although new functionality will be supported)
  • Copy changes, images, or pages added to your website (but we are happy to show you how!)

There are several web hosts to choose from, and a few exclusively WordPress hosts, but none of them offer website maintenance.  They’ll make sure your website stays up, but they won’t upgrade it for you, do security patches, and answer questions on how to embed a video.

Please contact us for more info!